Sunday, April 22, 2007

Health Insurance

One of the more boring (but extremely important) things about American life is to make sure that you are properly covered for health insurance. Some of the time it will be your employer who is responsible for this but often you'll have to, even if they are helping, take care of this yourself.

This means, unfortunately, getting to grips with the basics of the jargon of the industry to make sure that you pick the correct health insurance plan. You need to learn about things like co-pays (how much do you pay before the health insurance coverage starts to take care of the bills?), what is the actual monthly premium, what illnesses and conditions are covered and what are not and so on.

This can be something of a minefield, for it isn't necessarily true that the most affordable health insurance is the right one for you. It's not just the price paid, it's how much you get for that money handed over.

Click through any of the links above to get to a very good little primer on the basics that you need to know and guidance as to where to get more information if you should need it.