Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gluten Free Foods

I've got several friends who are gluten intolerant so I'm always interested to see when there's people making more foods availablefor them. I also like to have them around as well, like most of us do with our friends, and it's a right paid trying to cook for people who can't take gluten. You never know when a little flour from something else might just drift into whatever you're preparing.

So I've been looking around to see if we can't do better. Get some prepared foods which are indeed gluten free so that we can all eat from the same meal without that sort of worry.

Fortunately, I've found a site that does indeed do gluten free foods. This gluten free organic chili looks good for example. It's the right sort of price and combining that with say Nut Thin crackers makes a reasonable approximation to a taco, no? Or maybe serve it over thin rice noodles to approximate a Cincinnatti style chili?

This also looks fascinating, quinoia macaroons. I've heard of quinoia of course, just never actually had it. Excuse me while I get ordering, will you?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modern Furniture

As all you regular readers will know we've been sorting out this little house of ours and have managed to get to the stage where it's actually secure from the elements and worthy of living in. We've still got the old furniture but now the actual building expense is behind us, perhaps time to think about replacing it.

So I've been looking around and come across this site of modern furniture. While we've got an old house it has been entirely gutted and redone, meaning that contemporary furniture won't be out of place: far from it, with newly white walls and tiled floors, it should fit right in. In fact, there's a definite thought that Italian furniture, given the layout and style of the rooms, would be appropriate.

So excuse, me, having found this site I'm off to have a closer look at their designer furniture. I need to make sure that I can actually afford it all (it's very well priced, but you haven't seen the other half when she's in full buying frenzy) before I tell the wife about it.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Shopping for Video Games

Yes, OK, we know there's a myriad of different computer games systems out there. We also know that there's any number of people willing to try and sell you one, or a game for one, online. That's great, but how do we find one central point to give us all the information we need to work out which one to buy? And at what price, who is going to give us the deal?

That's where ShopWiki comes in. Instead of putting at the top (like so many shopping guides do) those who pay for inclusion in the index, they spider out across the web and thus pick up all of the offers. So you're getting all of the information.

On top of that, and this is the cool bit, they also provide guides to each sector of the market. For examples, here's their video games guide. So to start with you've got a decent overview of all of the different available systems. You can then drill down into the sectors that most interest you. Say, Playstation 3 games, classic console games, or perhaps you're more interested in the Game Wave?

Each further sector gives you another guide and then further refinement under that. And then when you've found what you're looking for, you then get the shopping guide as to who is offering that at the best deal.

And excellent system and one you really do want to try if you're shopping online.