Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modern Furniture

As all you regular readers will know we've been sorting out this little house of ours and have managed to get to the stage where it's actually secure from the elements and worthy of living in. We've still got the old furniture but now the actual building expense is behind us, perhaps time to think about replacing it.

So I've been looking around and come across this site of modern furniture. While we've got an old house it has been entirely gutted and redone, meaning that contemporary furniture won't be out of place: far from it, with newly white walls and tiled floors, it should fit right in. In fact, there's a definite thought that Italian furniture, given the layout and style of the rooms, would be appropriate.

So excuse, me, having found this site I'm off to have a closer look at their designer furniture. I need to make sure that I can actually afford it all (it's very well priced, but you haven't seen the other half when she's in full buying frenzy) before I tell the wife about it.

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