Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Party Favors

So, where do you go to get all those party favors you want to turn a mild and fun event into a great and exciting one? There are so many possible options for such things, from wanting stag night or bridal shower favors, to baby shower, bar mitzvah favours and even those for birthday parties.

That very possible large number of variations is of course what causes all the problems. No one bricks and mortar stall can be expected to stock them all ...they can only possible carry a small selection of each of the different offerings for each of the different occasions.

This is why the process of retailing party favors is one of the obvious businesses which should move online...as in fact it has done. For from just one location, without having to pay the inlfated rents for retail space, Allinonfunflavors.com can supply all of the different possible designs, for all of the possible different occasions, in every color and variation possible.

Well worth clicking through one of those links and seeing what they can do for you.

Ecotourism in Hawaii

This looks like an interesting development, the rise of ecotourism in Hawaii.

For decades people have been worrying about the impact of tourism upon Hawaii's ecosystem as ever more visitors arrive on the islands. With the current concerns over the environment of course there has been a reaction, with new developments making sure that they are not doing any damage, as some of the older ones used to.

As, for example, the hanalei bay resort which is built to the strictest standards to make sure that the impact upon the delicate environment is minimised.

Actually, well worth a look through to have a closer peek at what the hanalei bay resort offers as it realy looks rather decent, if not sumptuous. Just goes to show that concern for Gaia does not have to mean roughing it at all, just careful planning and attention to detail.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Vacation Times A' Comin'!

Yes, indeed it is, vacation time is nearly upon us and like most people I've not mamaged to organize myself sufficiently to have actually booked something yet. Which is why I'm happy to have discovered this hotel reservations site this afternoon. It looks like I might actually be able to go somewhere this year then after all! Yes, yes, I know, the massed blogoshpere will be so excited at the prospect of my being able to wander off somewhere interesting finally.

But why is somewhere online that enables me to book a hotel room exciting in this manner? Surely there are plenty of places I can go to do that? Wll, yes there are indeed plenty of places to get the basic accomodation but none of them seem to have the great hotel discounts available through this site.

So it's a great deal more exciting than the usual rather boring offerings from Expedia and the like. In fact, doing some rough back of the envelope calculations I would be able to stay (well, if I could get that much vacation time) twice as long by using this site than the others I've looked at the prices are so much better.

Oh, and over and above the hotels they also do Motels and Resorts. It's a real cornucopia of deals and discounts, very much worth checking out. Hey, why not? Click through one of the links to see what I mean.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


As we're now coming out of the end of the house rebuilding program I have of course been looking around for places where I can getthe acoutrements needed. You know, kitchens and bathrooms and stuff. The wife is insistent that I get some of these showers and I'm getting very partial to the idea of a shower cabinet along these lines.

In fact, the combination of the two would really be rather good. It's the one great thing I liked about being in the US, the ability to have a decent, high pressure shower, in a proper cubicle. Not the more traditional dribble of water shivering in the side of a bathtub of our own isles.

There's also an extreme temptation to get one of these hot tubs. We've just pulled down the old chicken sheds and have ended up with a very sunny corner of the garden with walls on two sides: line those with sandstone so as to retain the heat and we'll be away. Well, yes, once I've earned the money to pay for it, of course.

Now if you'll excuse me please, I have to make way for the wife on this internet access thing. She wants to have a right and proper drool over the site.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The London Advertising World

It's generally agreed (well, certainly amongst those who work in the London Advertising World, although they might actually be correct as well) that the London Advertising community is in fact the world's most vibrant and creative.

While those in Continental Europe are hamstrung by not speaking the global language, those in the US need to be extremely brash in their sales messages (and suffer from the cultural problem of not actually being English) and with, well the Japanese seem to hire whichever film star has just made a few turkeys, there's really nowhere left to be the global centre of this creative industry.

All of which is fine as a piece of cultural snobbery even if it is actually true. The problem though is how do you navigate through the geography of such a creative industry?

The answer would seem to be in these modern times to go to a directory of the players in that market. Like, for example, the London Advertising Directory, your guide to the online sites of the major players.

The beauty of using their own sites to see what they're like is that of course, they will all have designed their own sites, so you not only get the information but also a sample of their wares.