Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ecotourism in Hawaii

This looks like an interesting development, the rise of ecotourism in Hawaii.

For decades people have been worrying about the impact of tourism upon Hawaii's ecosystem as ever more visitors arrive on the islands. With the current concerns over the environment of course there has been a reaction, with new developments making sure that they are not doing any damage, as some of the older ones used to.

As, for example, the hanalei bay resort which is built to the strictest standards to make sure that the impact upon the delicate environment is minimised.

Actually, well worth a look through to have a closer peek at what the hanalei bay resort offers as it realy looks rather decent, if not sumptuous. Just goes to show that concern for Gaia does not have to mean roughing it at all, just careful planning and attention to detail.

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