Monday, May 14, 2007

Vacation Times A' Comin'!

Yes, indeed it is, vacation time is nearly upon us and like most people I've not mamaged to organize myself sufficiently to have actually booked something yet. Which is why I'm happy to have discovered this hotel reservations site this afternoon. It looks like I might actually be able to go somewhere this year then after all! Yes, yes, I know, the massed blogoshpere will be so excited at the prospect of my being able to wander off somewhere interesting finally.

But why is somewhere online that enables me to book a hotel room exciting in this manner? Surely there are plenty of places I can go to do that? Wll, yes there are indeed plenty of places to get the basic accomodation but none of them seem to have the great hotel discounts available through this site.

So it's a great deal more exciting than the usual rather boring offerings from Expedia and the like. In fact, doing some rough back of the envelope calculations I would be able to stay (well, if I could get that much vacation time) twice as long by using this site than the others I've looked at the prices are so much better.

Oh, and over and above the hotels they also do Motels and Resorts. It's a real cornucopia of deals and discounts, very much worth checking out. Hey, why not? Click through one of the links to see what I mean.

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