Monday, November 16, 2009


So, erm, what is a TWILF? And why did a cartoon on Al Gore's Current TV refer to Sarah Palin as a TWILF?

Well, OK, the first thing is that of course Al Gore didn't refer to Sarah Palin as a TWILF. It was the show's writers who did: Al Gore is the big media garbanzo, not a lowly script writer on a show nobody watches on a mionor TV channel.

But what is a TWILF? Well, it's an adaptation of MILF: which, as attentive adolescent males everywhere know means Mother I'd Like to Fuck. No, not one's own mother: rather the yummy mummies, the taned and tonned ladies who have pushed out the heir and a spare and are now spending their days keeping fit for their hubbies. And getting bored mindless in the process if the plots of various porn movies are to be believed.

But TWILF? Well, the current fad is for Twitter and Sarah Palin does indeed have a Twitter account. Thus we make the substitution and we get Twitterer I'd Like to Fuck. Which is all very well if you've a desire to be gutted and skinned like a moose perhaps.

We might also point out that Sarah Palin is a grandmother and could thus be described as a GILF: something which might slightly upset some young men but just hold on 30 years: you'll find that taste comes to us all after enough time.