Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gluten Free Foods

I've got several friends who are gluten intolerant so I'm always interested to see when there's people making more foods availablefor them. I also like to have them around as well, like most of us do with our friends, and it's a right paid trying to cook for people who can't take gluten. You never know when a little flour from something else might just drift into whatever you're preparing.

So I've been looking around to see if we can't do better. Get some prepared foods which are indeed gluten free so that we can all eat from the same meal without that sort of worry.

Fortunately, I've found a site that does indeed do gluten free foods. This gluten free organic chili looks good for example. It's the right sort of price and combining that with say Nut Thin crackers makes a reasonable approximation to a taco, no? Or maybe serve it over thin rice noodles to approximate a Cincinnatti style chili?

This also looks fascinating, quinoia macaroons. I've heard of quinoia of course, just never actually had it. Excuse me while I get ordering, will you?

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