Sunday, September 07, 2008

Poker Referrals

Aren't you so grateful to those loverly law makers who decided that because they thought that playing poker on the internet was a bad idea that you ought to be banned from doing so?

Yes, I thought so too....which is why I rather support those who carry on and enable you to play as you might wish.

I also support those who make it cheaper or better for you to entertain yourself in your own time. For example, by providing the Full Tilt referral code, or the PokerStars bonus code or, if you prefer, the PokerStars marketing code.

It's your time, your money, it's your life to live as you wish. If you want to spend it playing poker then by all means, as far as I'm concerned, you go right ahead....and those links there will make it that little bit cheaper for you to do so.

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