Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ceiling Fans

As regular readers will know we just been working on this new (to us) house and as the builders have now left it's time for us to turn our attention to the subject of the interior, which brings us again to the subject of ceiling fans.

Living where we are sometihng like this is going to be essential in the summer months: it's still only june and it's 33 0C outside. But what type should we get?

I mean, seriously, there's so many different types: do we want casablanca ceiling fans? Or ellington fans? Or maybe monte carlo fans are better for us?

Fortunately, given that I'm the male part of this relationship I don't actually have to worry about all of this. I can just point the wife at and let her get on with it. They're even help her sort by style, if she's not worried about which manufacturer to choose.

So she does all of that and I just get on with earning the money to pay for them. Sounds fine to me actually.

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