Friday, August 03, 2007

New Information Source

Hey, here's an interesting new source of information on Scottish Jobs. Well, more specifically, it's a site new to me with information on things like jobs in Edinburgh. It's quite specific and the best thing is that they seem to be detailing real Edinburgh jobs, not just lising a few agencies.

Looking at the listing they've got there right now there's a new coffee shop opening, drivers required, ducting fitters (I actually know what that one does!), waiting staff and nannies, even financial jobs. If that's the area of the country you're in it does look well worth a visit.

They don't just do jobs of course: I think the best description would be like a Scottish centric version of Craigs List: there's a whole series of different sections about Edinburgh, flat shares, cars for sale, dating, community, etc etc. Looks like a truly useful little place to keep an eye on.