Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Education, Education, Education

I think we're all pretty clear now that the way forward for each of us as an individual is through education? That to progress we need to get to college and stay there long enough to graduate?

Good, although that now brings us to hte problem of how to pay for it all. Fortunately, there's something that college usually does for us: graduating means that we earn more money in hte future. We can therefore borrow now and pay back the money out of those increased earnings in the future.

There's many different kinds of student loans. There's the Federal government ones, but those can be limited in hte amount you can borrow and also by the income of the rest of your family. Or there are private student loans.

If your circumstances change then there are also possibilities for student loan consolidation, where you bundle up all of your loans in to one. This can lower your monthly payments as when you do this you can extend the repayment terms.

All in all the offers and availability are such that no one needs to skip college simply because they can't afford it. Which is a good thing, opening up the opportunities of education for all leads to a fairer and richer society.

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