Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Now this is interesting, a new service called Fliptrack. It makes life aq lot easier and also solves one of the great legal problems we have in this new digital age.

The first thing is that it makes it easy to create a video. You take your photographs, of someone, or an event, and upload them into the Fliptrack system. Their tools then make it easy for you to create a slideshow of those photos, mimicking a video.

That's excellent, it's a lot easier than doing video editing, of course. Then you can share that still/video that you've created across the net. Also excellent.

But the part that's really important I think is that they've started to sort out the problems over digital rights to the music you might use on such a video.

Rather than using some piece of music and just hoping that no one will sue over it, they've gone out and got the digital rights to hundreds of pieces of music. I think this a huge advance and it's definitely worth checking out the Fliptrack system.

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