Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Say Hi!

The dating game is simply something that seems made to measure for the web. It's one of those businesses (in the extended meaning of the word) which has been hugely held back in the past because of the transaction costs. It had to be based on print magazines and newspapers, and these are expensive to produce and distribute. That very cost also precluded adding photographs or anything but the most limited of details.

Then along came the web and internet personals were suddenly big business. Transaction costs had fallen to nearly zero. This is, from an economist's point of view, what has driven the success of places like Yahoo Personals. At minimal cost people could now search amongst all of the details available and thus have a much better chance of making a match.

Excellent of course, more people getting what they want. But success breeds competitors of course which is what has led to Just SayHi! , a competitor in the market for online personals.

The unique point here is that it is free, entirely and forever free. Not even a credit card is needed to search for whatever might take your fancy.

Well worth clicking through one of those links to have a look see at what it's all about.

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