Thursday, November 20, 2008

Honda Accord

Okay, so we know that there's a new Honda Accord out there. There must be. For it is 2008 so there's almost certainly going to be a 2008 Honda Accord, yes?

But how do we find out about it it? Sure, we could simply wait until the local newspaper does a review of it but that's pretty hit and miss. Or we could go down to hte Honda dealer but that's not really known as a source of unbiased information now, is it?

What we'd really like is a site full of Honda Accord reviews. So that we know we're getting both unbiased views and also a lot of them. You know, on the basis that having more peoples' opinions is a better thing than having only a few.

Excellent, well, we're in luck then, for there is a site devoted to 2008 Honda Accord reviews. If you want to know more about the car then that's where I recommend you go.

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