Monday, December 29, 2008

GPs tracking

As with every new technology we've yet to work out the socially acceptable uses of GPS tracking. It's just like, say, cell phones. Sure, they're great to use but it's taken a decade since they became common for us to work out when it is or is not acceptable to use them. My local bar for example very much frowns on people using them inside. You want to take a call, go outside.

Very much the same thing will happen with GPS tracking: we haven't done it yet because the technology and the questions it throws up are all too new for us. Obviously it's great that truck owners can keep an eye on their fleet. That Fed Ex knows where drivers are. We can also see that GPS tracking can be used to keep track of the teenager's car. But that last one, we're not sure yet whether it's going to become entirely socially acceptable.

I'd say that it might, that it simply becomes commonplace, as normal as aiding the teenager in learning to drive. But it might not.

But where will the boundaries be? Will GPS tracking become common amongst people who think their parter is cheating on them? I'm sure that some people will try it, it's just that I'm wondering whether they will be thought to be odd or normal?

One thing I am sure of. Asthe technology matures it will be possible to do it to people, not just vehicles. And that won't become socially acceptable.

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