Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Those keyless locks

This is one of the bright new ideas that's come up in recent years, a keyless lock. Well, actually, there have beena number of different technologies used over the years to try and give us a keyless lock. Like, for example, the one that uses a plastic card to open the lock. But that isn't when you really think about it, a keyless lock at all. All we've done is replace the metal key and tumblers with a digital key and digital tumblers.

Now the technology has taken the next step and we really do have a keyless lock. You need nothing at all to open it but just yourself, extremely useful for those like me who continually forget keys (whether of metal or cards!).

What happens is that you record your fingerprint and it becomes your fingerprint placed upon the sensor that opens the lock.

It's the sort of thing which is undoubtedly going to become much more common....although I do wonder just a touch about whether this is going to lead to a spate of thieves cutting off fingers?

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