Friday, December 19, 2008

Rural houses and the mail

As regular readers will know we've been sorting out a house down here for some time now. We've got most of one side of it done, my new office is just being completed as I write and then we've got one more bit to go before we're done.

But one of the things about being out here in the sticks is that we don't get a mail delivery to the house. Of course. So we need to find ourselves a mail box (or is it mailbox?).

Now, where should I go to try and find one of those? Out where we are there isn't going to be a store that sells them, that's for sure. Aha! onto the Web and look for mailboxes. And what do you think I've found? Yes, a site dedicated to all the different sorts of mail boxes I could possibly desire. And all at the best prices and ready for fast delivery.

If I could just say thanks to Sir Tim Berners Leee here for making this possible?

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