Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding driver software.

I recently made the mistake of purchasing a PC which had Windows Vista on it. I know, I know, silly mistake. I should have insisted upon having XP, for at least everyone has the drivers for that OS, right?

And yes, I believed the silly stories about how all the drivers were already included in the operating system itself. So I plug the new box in, have a look around and start to play with it. You know, as you do with a new Windows, what are the new games they've got for me to play, that sort of thing. And of course, they don't have the nvidia drivers I need for the graphics card. Sigh. I also tried to get the HP printer/scanner/fax thing to work and no, it will only work as a basic printer for the lack of the proper HP drivers. Sigh again.

This went on for months actually, I just couldn't care enough about the machine to try and work out what to do. Screaming at Microsoft and refusing ever to buy any of their products ever again was about all I could think of.

Until, until....well, click through any of those links to see how I solved the problem. Great site and most useful.

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