Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is interesting

I've been looking around for suppliers of all sorts of dentistry equipment. Things like veneers, dental veneers and all the other sorts of things associated with cosmetic dentistry. Why is really rather too long a story to explain right now.

But in my searches I came across the company that is the major supplier of these, with a huge network both of trained dentists and places where you can actually get the treatments (just click through any of the links to see their site). What amused me was that years ago I had some dealings with that company.

For, years ago I was in fact in the business myself, along with some associates in California. And one of the things we did was take their equipment and specialty and provide it to dentists in the former Soviet Union. It's nice to see that they're still thriving, still expanding: as indeed the dental clinic we set up on Almaty, the capital of Kasakhstan is still thriving.

Nopthing very important, I agree, just a small tale of how business can loop around on itself over the years.

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