Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get your tickets Here!

If you're thinking about buying tickets, going to see a show, going to see the game, what you obviously need to know is where you're going to get those very tickets. And in these modern days of the web and the internet obviously you're not going to go and queue at the actual venue to get them, are you? No.

So, what you want is a guide to where you can indeed get those tickets you want online. Allow me to hlep. For TD Banknorth Garden tickets just click through that link right there. For Philips Arena tickets, try that link. And if you're in the market for Pepsi Center tickets you'll want to try that one.

This is all a great deal easier than it used to be, it has to be said. I once spent 8 hours in line for some Rolling Stone tickets....and even though I waited that long I didn't actually get them, they sold out before my turn came. Glory be for the internet, eh?

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