Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Looking for light fixtures?

Here's some advice if you're looking for light fixtures. Actually, this is good advice if you're looking to buy pretty much anything online.

OK, first up there are the search engines, Yes, they'll find you just about anything. However, it's not really all that structured: and it's very difficult indeed to compare offers from hte different possible suppliers.

Comparison engines are better at comparing the diferent suppliers: but it's usually true that the only ones in the engine are those who have paid to be there. Which is why we'd really like to have a combination of both techniques which is exactly what ShopWiki does.

Yes, you get all of the different competing offers, not just those who have paid to be there. But you also get to compare them easily. You can also drill down: for example, start with light fittings. Then you can refine by moving down to wall fixtures, ceiling lights or hanging lamps.

If you're out and about and looking to buy online this is a system it's well worth you having a look at.

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