Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Phone 007

I really do like this little gadget here, the Phone 007. It's just the sort of sneaky recording device that appeals to me.

To start with it looks very much like an ordinary phone. You plug it in and put it on your desk. Great, you've got a phone. But it automatically (or at least, can be set up to automatically) record each and every conversation on that phone. It also has another microphone whereby it records every conversation in the room where it is. So you can track both what is said in your absence and also keep a record of what is said to you on the phone.

But even better than this the Phone 007 is web enabled. You can listen to what is happening over the web, remotely.

No, I think this is a great little gadget. All I have to do now is work out who I want to entrap first.

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