Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting your signs made

We all need to get signs made at one time or another. It might be a regular occurence, in a business say, where you want to be able to tell people of a new offer, or of a change in the program. Or it might just be the occasional thing, one of those "Welcome Home Daddy" banners perhaps. Or indeed any of the possible variations of all and everything inbetween.

My own desire was to get some decals made. I'm working for a political party and we've already got people who work on posters and the like. But I wanted to be able to use those decals as a way of identifying people at specific events that we organised. Things like, well, if we had a couple of hundred people at a meeting (yes, small numbers, it's not like we're Obama or anything and we're certainly not running for President) then it's surprising how magnified the event can seem when those couple of hundred are leaving. And they're all wearing something on their lapel. Or take a bumper sticker and put it on their car.

The great thing is that if you go to FASTSIGNS you can see quite how cheap and easy it can be to employ these tactics. There's nothing like leverage of your existing customer base to get things working for you.

Of course they can also do other things for you, I'm just talking about what I've found to be worthwhile.

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